Beck’s Moment



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  1. Avatar Mike

    The interesting thing about Glenn Beck is that aside from being completely crazy, his substantive views on policy (if someone like Beck can be described as having substantive views on anything) are about as far as you can get from doctrinaire Republicanism

    That is interesting; being as far as you can get from doctrinaire Republicanism is generally a sign of sanity, intelligence, and good moral character.Report

  2. Avatar Katherine

    Beck doesn’t have views; he has ratings. He says what he needs to to get them.Report

  3. Avatar JosephFM

    Yeah, it’s kind of funny, but that was sort of what I was noting the other day, regarding Michael Moore: to the degree that Beck’s current rhetoric overlaps with Moore’s (or Taibbi’s), that’s pretty much the only place I can really agree with him or the whole “Tea Party” critique. Hearing Moore on the radio, he at times sounded like Ron Paul(!). If I seem a lot more wishy-washy, it’s probably because I sort of straddle that line in the Greenwald article. I’m a quiet guy, and I know a number of good people in government, but I can’t help being aware of the deep, deep problems in our system. And I lack the confidence that good people with good intentions is good enough.Report

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