Daily Archive: October 7, 2009


Net Neutrality, Libertarianism, and Free Information

Publius/John Blevins at Obsidian Wings has written quite a bit over the years about the issue of net neutrality.  For the most part, I’ll admit, the discussion has largely made my eyes glaze over...


Birther Trainwreck Comedy: Civil Procedure Edition

Let us all bow down before the legal genius of Orly Taitz and her minions, who have managed to conclude that a scheduling order entered while a motion to dismiss is pending is proof-positive...


CBO update

After just glancing through the just-released CBO report [pdf] on the Baucus bill, I can only say that more than ever I believe adopting Wyden’s Free Choice Proposal [pdf] is a necessary move –...


Worse than Rove (updated) or: The Gay After Tomorrow

Andrew Sullivan writes: “And, yes, Bush, despite being personally compassionate and understanding of gay men and women and hiring them from the very bottom to the very top of his administration (on the condition...


Now THAT’S a Glibertarian

Via Doug Mataconis on Twitter (who seems to have absolutely exploded since I first encountered him 2 years ago), it seems that Sean Hannity has taken to calling himself “fairly libertarian.”  Ugh.


Beck’s Moment

The interesting thing about Glenn Beck is that aside from being completely crazy, his substantive views on policy (if someone like Beck can be described as having substantive views on anything) are about as...


Black Republicans and the specter of tokenism

The whiff of tokenism notwithstanding, I’m actually glad to see that there are credible black Republicans angling for high-level political office.  I’ve long argued that it would be good for black people, and great...


Sully Apologizes for Betsy McCaughey

I suppose, for many liberals and supporters of health care reform, this is long overdue.  I wasn’t really paying much attention to politics in 1994, myself.


Time to Retire the “Glibertarian” Slur

Much as I hate the use of the term “glibertarian,” and its associated line of thinking, I understood that it could have value as a perjorative for a particular type of fair-weather libertarian in many instances. ...


A Random Thought

Following up on Joe Carter’s excellent post last week asking whether Modern Conservatism has become a cult, it occured to me that the most obvious means of answering the question in the affirmative is...


Yes, withdrawal means more indiscriminate airstrikes

The New York Times explains “The Biden Plan”: Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden made it clear that the option Mr. Biden had proposed was not a pure counterterrorism alternative, relying only on drones and...


quote for the day

“The rhetorical feat that the manifesto accomplishes is in making its threats continual, without resolution. The manifesto spoils for a fight and never ceases.” – Prendergast, Catherine. “Fighting Words.” College English 72.1 (2009): 10-28.