Daily Archive: October 6, 2009


Did Bill Ayers write Dreams From My Father?

From comments, it seems Ayers admitted to writing Dreams to some random blogger at an airport. I remain suspicious, but I’ll keep everyone updated as this story develops. Here’s the original blog post. UPDATE:...


Libertoryans in the UK

See – this is what I’m talking about.  Well, in one sense anyways.  Someday, maybe, the GOP will be more like Cameron’s Tories who resemble my own prescription for conservatism more than Phillip Blond’s...


Obsidian Wings can haz chill the hell out

I’m sorry, but if I were Lindsay Beyerstein I’d tell the commenters on this thread to get a damn life and lighten the hell up.  Seriously.  And then I’d post crab pictures for a...


Quote for the Day

Our knowledge of any Iranian nuclear bomb, with only a little exaggeration, is reduced to Google maps, the words of exiles with axes to grind and shady defectors, and studies by think tanks as...


The bill that had no sponsor

Or, the one piece of legislation Congress isn’t anxious to claim credit for. Hint: it has something to do with debt.


Education & Autonomy

Will backtracked last week from this post, which included a chart detailing federal spending increases in education and the rather flat results over the past few decades.  And I wish he hadn’t, despite the...