Daily Archive: October 5, 2009



“I have this crazy notion that there is a point where  Red Toryism and the kind of libertarian ideas E.D. is promoting could work together.”  ~ Chris Dierkes I suppose I’m either hopelessly conflicted...


Broken Windows Theory of Discrimination

(cross-posted from my humble blog) To sort of second Neil’s observation about the power of anti-bullying/anti-prejudice norms to “have a broad and beneficial societal impact,” I’m pretty convinced that you can apply the “broken...


How do those Northern Europeans do it?

Responding to Ross Douthat’s latest column, Jamelle raises an interesting question: And finally, I wonder how Douthat explains away Northern Europe’s high economic growth rates and robust welfare states? I’m no economist, but I...


Running the Option

Noam Levey and Janet Hook writing in the LaTimes today: Reporting from Washington – Despite months of outward ambivalence about creating a government health insurance plan, the Obama White House has launched a behind-the-scenes...


Hey Mister, Spare a COIN?

Truly excellent must-read over at the Christian Science Monitor on the nature of warfare in the 21st century and the intellectual dimensions concerning Afghan strategy.  It covers the history of COIN (counterinsurgency doctrine), criticisms...


The Safe Zone

Jay Nordlinger has an interesting column on the politicization of sports writing. As card-carrying members of our liberal media, I have no doubt that sports writers skew liberal, and sure enough, Nordlinger digs up...



The second national college debate tournament of the year. Mary Washington beat Cal in double-octos, Emory in octos, and is now hitting another Emory team in the quarter-finals. Go Eagles!



I wish I’d been in Pittsburgh a week earlier, when the G20 was convening.  Then I could have joined in the protests.  And since the protesters seemed to be protesting about just about everything,...