Daily Archive: October 1, 2009


Reading Comprehension FAIL

I’ve seen some epic Reading Comprehension FAILS in my 2+ years in the blogosphere, but trying to understand how one can get this out of this is making my brain hurt in ways I...


Hayek on Health Insurance

I don’t know how, during the long months of this health insurance debate, this quote from Road To Serfdom slipped my mind, but it certainly bears re-emphasis: “Nor is there any reason why the...


Mistakes were made

Last night, I linked to this chart from Positive Liberty comparing federal spending to educational achievement. As Freddie points out in comments, this is not an accurate representation of what we spend on education...


Another Conspiracy Theory Debunked

One odd off-shoot of the Obama conspiracy theory genre is the idea that former terrorist and academic celebrity William Ayers secretly wrote Dreams From My Father. I won’t blame you if you have no...

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