Monthly Archive: October 2009


The Weekender

Weekends are usually pretty slow here at the League, but if you’re hankering for new content, check out our extensive podcast backlog. We’ve got Reihan Salam and Jamelle talking race and American politics, John...


More on the NFL and concussions

The Week has a good article on the reaction of many pro athletes to new concussion-related concerns. They’ve also put together a helpful summary of other news and opinion pieces on the subject.


quote for the afternoon

“When Newt Gingrich is trying to pull you back to the center, you’ve gone so far right that the average voter can’t see you any longer.” ~ Ezra Klein Pretty much.


Friday Open Thread

Image via Daylife. Speaking of defenestration….this picture seemed oddly appropriate for an open thread.  If you’ve ever been to Prague Castle, perhaps the most amazing thing about the defenestration monuments (which denote where several...


Deflationary Quote for the Day

Credit contraction dwarfs debt monetization, leaving us in a state of net contraction, even though we have just experienced a large rally lasting months, which should have been the most favourable condition for reigniting...



A clarification.  Kevin Drum and Andrew Sullivan both linked to my recent post re: The Pope’s recent communique allowing for an expedited form of entrance into full communion with Rome for Anglicans (while maintaining...


The Flake-y GOP

Over at True/Slant, E.D. makes a valuable and important comparison between Jeff Flake and Michelle Bachmann and the future of the GOP.  I’m not looking to re-open the whole “reformer” vs. “base” vs. establishment...


The changing face of the apocalypse

Here’s an interesting nugget: Research shows that apocalyptic fiction has changed dramatically over the past 20 years: It’s not the idea of Ending itself that has faded – that will be around until we...


Moody’s the whore…

Here’s an interesting article on the way Moody’s Investor Disservice Service whored itself out to Wall Street and then purged executives and employees who expressed concerns about what the firm was doing. 


Returning the House (and the President) to the People

In my recently concluded interview with Publius from ObsidianWings on the role of the administrative state, a central question was how citizens can better hold the executive and legislative branches accountable and prevent regulatory...



At American Tory I talk about Hayek, the revised House healthcare bill, and the politics of reconciliation and what that may mean for the final passage of the healthcare bill.



To all of you who so generously donated to the League during our little fund-raiser, we’d like to just offer our sincere gratitude.  More than the money itself – which will be put to...



It is my firm belief that we should all be able to cheer Jeff Flake’s statement regarding Confucius’ birthday.  H/T: Balko.


on the GDP…

Via Bloomberg: The world’s largest economy expanded at a 3.5 percent pace from July through September, exceeding the median estimate of economists surveyed by Bloomberg News, after shrinking the previous four quarters, figures from...


How to save a fortune

I don’t consider myself particularly business-savvy, but in light of former Celtic star Antoine Walker’s financial troubles, I thought I’d throw out a potentially lucrative idea for the League’s would-be financial gurus. Every few...


Bad Cult Movies

I had the great misfortune of attending college just as several obviously bad movies – Clerks, Napoleon Dynamite, National Lampoon’s Van Wilder – inexplicably achieved cult status. The worst of the bunch, however, was...