Quote for the Day: Chris’s Family Edition


Chris Dierkes

Chris Dierkes (aka CJ Smith). 29 years old, happily married, adroit purveyor and voracious student of all kinds of information, theories, methods of inquiry, and forms of practice. Studying to be a priest in the Anglican Church in Canada. Main interests: military theory, diplomacy, foreign affairs, medieval history, religion & politics (esp. Islam and Christianity), and political grand bargains of all shapes and sizes.

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11 Responses

  1. Avatar Bob Cheeks says:

    “Should have been me in that hole.” No, that’s not the way to think about this. What you should be doing is figuring out how soon you can get home to see grandpa. As a grandpa, that’s what I’d want. I’d want to see the kid that used to cut the grass. Family, home, place….go back home!Report

  2. Avatar North says:

    I am thrilled to know he’s well. Best wishes. I’d second Bob as well. There’s wisdom in his words. If you can possibly swing the time go home. Visit your grandparents. They’re a treasure that you’ll loose far too soon. Believe me, I know.Report

  3. Avatar Bob Cheeks says:

    Well, dudes, you kids get it, librul or not!
    I’m getting a little choked up here.
    Chris was probably already thinking about going back home. But, really, I’m not talking about ‘going’ back home, rather moving back home. F*ck that career nonsense, it’s all about living like human beings, about family, and there’s one thing that’s true….time does not stand still, it flies!Report

  4. Avatar Dara says:

    Were this another city I could see myself agreeing with Bob, but I’m going to stand up for the ex-Cincinnatians here. Don’t give in, Chris. It’s not worth it.Report

  5. Avatar Chris Dierkes says:

    Actually I’m currently officially “advised” by da (maple leaf) guvment against leaving Canada until the paperwork clears on my permanent residency. Beyond that I haven’t been back to Cincy in over 2 years so I am due for a visit–especially since neither of my grandparents were able to come out here for my wife and I getting hitched.

    I was hoping to go home for Thanksgiving (American observed) but I may be getting a placement as a priest starting mid-November. Maybe not set as of yet, so that would throw a wrench in that plan and then obviously I can’t leave at Christmas since Christmas is A game time for clergy. So maybe New Year’s?

    Nice to see you Dara (if only in this anonymous format).Report

    • Avatar Dara in reply to Chris Dierkes says:

      Less anonymous than disincarnate, but, since I will be in Cincy for Christmas (which might stretch into New Year’s, I don’t know yet), that may be redressed in future?Report

      • Avatar Chris Dierkes in reply to Dara says:

        The generic icon (which if ED were here he would remind you can get a real one 🙂 does have a body (of sorts). So is it disincarnate? I might have to do a post in the future on the Anglican Chapel in Second Life (from which I hear you can get booted if you disturb the service). This is especially interesting to me since the root meaning of avatars is of course God-men (or women) descended from heaven in flesh.

        Maybe it’s not anonymous nor disincarnate. But something else????

        On more important matters. totally, if we’re in the ‘nati at the same time let’s hang.Report

    • I didn’t think I remembered meeting your grandparents. Sorry to hear about the news, glad to hear Grandpa’s alright, though.Report

      • Avatar Chris Dierkes in reply to Scott H. Payne says:

        No you didn’t meet them; they couldn’t make it out to V’couver. My g’pa and The Lady of the House get along really well.

        Meanwhile (this can’t be made up) on the way to my grandpa’s house while he’s still in the hole and they’re digging him out, a deer ran out in front of my parents’ car. The deer is no longer with us (though I think the car is ok and my parents for sure are). Craziness.Report