Daily Archive: September 30, 2009


Education Spending

Jason Kuznicki produces a pretty damning chart comparing federal expenditures to educational achievement. Looking at the numbers, I can’t think of a more eloquent case for thorough-going reform.



WTF? All I can say is that I’m with James Joyner on this one.  But his larger point nonetheless has merit.  The mass political debate, as evidenced by the blogs, talk radio, talk TV,...


Song for the Day

— Ya gotta dig the thumb picking style on the guitar solos.  And of course the flute.


Quote for the Day: Chris’s Family Edition

From The Cincinnati Enquirer: Life is too short to sweat the small stuff.  So says Paul Paff, the 80-year-old Delhi Township man trapped about six hours Tuesday in a 15-foot-deep septic tank behind his...


David Simon, call your office

Via Jeffrey Goldberg, a CQ editor has apparently been fired for daring to speak up in the midst of widespread lay-offs. An email he fired off to management before the firing is pretty badass:


I feel like this should be a bigger deal

From last week’s Tuesday Morning Quarterback: Meanwhile, previous AIG CEO Edward Liddy repeatedly said he was working “for $1 a year.” He asserted this on “60 Minutes” and in sworn congressional testimony, and was...