Dear Washington Post,


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  1. greginak says:

    oh crimany.what maroons. The wapo op-ed is regularly , and correctly IMHO, slammed for bias, factual errors and shallowness. but this raises the bar for stupid.

    I think you hit on a major area where the MSM has missed the boat, is drowning and doesn’t even know it. They seem to be stuck with the idea of do-it-all pundits. The rise of the intertoobz has led to great opportunities to hear directly from experts in all sorts of areas. A few years ago i started to read Pat Lang’s blog. While he is far from me politically, getting serious analysis from a military and intell expert beats the poo out of any one size fits all pundit. In almost every field their are experts who are already blogging.Report

  2. Bob Cheeks says:

    Hey, I just sent my application into the NYT. I offered my services re: the goings-on on Beck and Limbaugh, e.g. daily reports so they won’t miss a story such as the ACORN business. And, for a reasonable price. I’ll let you know what they tell me…!Report

    • North in reply to Bob Cheeks says:

      Have them contact me Bob; I’ll give you a reference. I think you’d make a great NYT columnist. You’d pour scorn on that whippersnapper Douhat and throw shoes at Brooks while bullying Krugman to find his hidden stash of Cuban cigars. They could call it Cheeks Corner or maybe Bob on the Porch and your byline could be “Hang em all!” You’d be a commentator’s commentator for the discriminating paleoconservative.Report

    • What’s say you and I pitch an intertoob show to ’em of you and me going back and forth about the doctrinal mind interspersed with comments like “palsy-boy”, “friend-o-mine” and commentary on “gummint”, “libruls”, “essentialism”, “political ontology”, and “beaver pelts”?

      I think it’s got the right…. flare, shall we say?Report

      • Bob Cheeks in reply to Scott H. Payne says:

        Hey, you guys, I think we’ve hit on the big one. A news/opinion show where you guys can be “fair minded, tolerant libruls,’ puttin’ up with this generations’ Archie Bunker who blurts out societal, political, and philosophical truths to our undereducated audience while hurling insults at our derailed and maniacal managerial elite.
        I’ll let you know what the NYT says. I pitched the application as an effort to “save the olde Grey Lady.” So far I haven’t gotten a reply?Report

  3. Zach says:

    Do they specify that they want a pretend-to-be-expert-on-everything commentator? I saw this yesterday and figured a Dave-Berry-ish smart, humorous take on current events would probably stand the best chance of winning. WaPo needs a Dowd and it would be preferable if, unlike her, the WaPo’s version was actually funny – “Once the Hammer tried to outfox Democrats. Now he’s trying to outfox-trot Donny Osmond.” – shudder.

    Really they should just use the money to hire someone with the balls to tell George Will that his facts aren’t straight now and again before it goes to press and he’s forced to defend his intellectual integrity.Report

  4. Would I be chastised for entering, do ya think?Report

  5. Mike says:

    They’ve already got a pale George Will imitator. He’s called “George Will”.Report

  6. Dan Summers says:

    That’s it. From now on, I’m sending all of my anti-anti-vaccination screeds to WaPo. Report