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  1. Avatar Jaybird says:

    A personal anecdote.

    My beloved wife used to work downtown at a lovely little shop that would have been deeply loved by everybody on this website (both this end, that end, and the other end of the spectrum would have visited this locally owned and operated store and talked about how great it was, how they need to come back, and how they spent way more than they intended to but the bargains were just sooooo good!!!).

    The building owner was getting up there and donated the store to charity (what a write-off!) and the charity immediately sold the building to one of those “tear-em-down, put up storefronts and luxury lofts stacked on top of them!!!!” companies. The new company folks talked to my wife’s boss, said they loved his store (indeed, everybody loved it) and said that they wanted him to have the storefront there after the lofts were built and, indeed, it would be awesome. The rent would only go up a little bit and, yes, he’d have less floor space but, hey, the building would be brand new! Well, papers were signed, movers were hired, wives were let go and found new jobs in other parts of downtown…

    Anyway, the developers ran out of money before demolition took place. The storefront (along with many other storefronts) remains empty. There are a lot of empty storefronts, now. I honestly don’t understand how there can be so many empty ones.

    I reckon it’s likely to get worse downtown before it gets better.Report