Daily Archive: September 28, 2009


Something to Consider: Iran Edition

From an excellent NyTimes article on the debate between European, American, and Israeli intelligence agencies on the Iranian nuclear question: Graham Allison, the author of “Nuclear Terrorism” and a Harvard professor who focuses on...


Purple Toryism

Continuing on the theme of Red Toryism, ED writes: It’s true, the free market is a system sans morality, a system of personal choices and determinations, and our political leaders should do their utmost...


Don’t Mess With Texas?

After Cass Sunstein’s contentious confirmation hearing, I decided to pick up a copy of Nudge to see what all the fuss was about. Did you know “Don’t Mess With Texas” started as an anti-littering...


Hawks’ gall.

I’m not really a foreign policy guy, but I thought Daniel Larison had a nice line on hawkishness today: “Hawks have routinely unleashed forces they do not understand, cannot control and are unwilling to...


I don’t know why . . .

. . . but I find the idea of banning clove cigarettes or this absurd incident much more offensive to my libertarian-ish sensibilities than universal health care.


Our “Terminally Awkward” Future

Anyone interested in scoring a cute girl’s number next Saturday modern courtship rituals should check out this excellent post (and comment thread) at The American Scene.