Daily Archive: September 25, 2009


just for a little context

I linked to Jon Chait’s epic takedown of Ayn Rand previously. Will Wilkinson responded here. I didn’t think that Wilkinson’s response was up to the challenge of convincingly disputing Chait’s piece, and I particularly...


Chart of the Day II

Andrew Samwick points us to this rather disturbing portrait of Max Baucus and his vast web of lobbyists.  Did you know he’s received over $4 million dollars nearly $5 million dollars from the health...


Chart of the Day

Contra Sullivan, I don’t think Mark J. Perry is indicating that Obama is somehow a “liberal Reagan” but this is an interesting comparison to the economic mess we were in about the time I...


“The guy is a worm. He’s a worm.”

I find myself falling more in line with Will Wilson’s analysis of the Matt Latimer “loyalty” question than I do with Conor Frieserdorf. One thing that Latimer’s defenders keep arguing is that somehow the...


The “Low-Hanging Fruit” Theory of Democracy Promotion

Jamelle and Daniel Larison are, I think, absolutely right about the dangers of democracy promotion. Beyond the garden-variety problems posed by newly democratic governments, another thing to consider is that the so-called “third wave”...



For those of you who weren’t there when I introduced myself a few months ago, I’m a recent graduate of the University of Virginia.  And at the University I majored in “Political & Social...


the last fiscal conservative

A voice crying in the wilderness: At some point, taxes have to be back on the table as the price that must be paid for profligate spending. Only then will the American people realize...


Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun

On foreign policy, I’m something of a realist/intervention-skeptic, which is why I’m inclined to agree with Daniel Larison when he argues that democratization isn’t terribly compatible with stability: Egypt and Jordan can remain at...


funny baby

This reminds me of my daughter, who Loves! to dance.  This is pretty hysterical.


red tories, competitive federalism, etc.

I’d like to follow up a bit on my post from yesterday which was pretty critical of Phillip Blond and his latest piece on liberalism.  First off, let me just say that I do...


Conor’s response

Integrity and personal example compelled me to link to Conor’s response to me, which I failed to do, and I must. So linked. You should read it, if you read my previous post on...


Seeing Red (Toryism)

ED’s post on Philip Blond and his (quixiotic?) brand of Red Toryism is definitely worth the read. Blond goes way too far in trying to argue–in a way weirdly reminiscent of Jonah Goldberg–that liberalism...


Why do my co-bloggers hate America?

Freddie and Jamelle decided to honor the Boss’s 60th birthday by posting . . . a Joy Division playlist and some Misfits. Well, here’s “Thunder Road”: And here’s “Open All Night”:


speaking of genius

Ramones music + Elvis vocals + lyrics about zombies, werewolves and aliens = genius. Pure genius. It’s a gorgeous day in Rhode Island, and I got the music on.


Friday Genius Ten

Okay, I meant to put one of these up last week, but I didn’t.  Thankfully, this is a particularly good mix, which will hopefully make up for the fact that I’ve been really derelict...