Daily Archive: September 24, 2009


Don’t Take Your Guns to Town

Scott’s long and deeply-felt reflection on American gun culture is worth reading in full, and I certainly understand why an outsider would find our collective infatuation with things that go ‘boom’ baffling or even...



I’m with Bill Bennett on this one.


vanilla RIP

Rortybomb mourns the death of the “vanilla option” for credit card holders, which is a financial reform I liked, too.  I’m sure it would have been abused somehow or other, but it would have...


ruse of the red tories

Phillip Blond is hard at work on his book, Red Tory, following the great success of his essay Rise of the Red Tories.  He has a piece critiquing the “state authoritarianism and private libertarianism”...



Why ACORN filed a lawsuit (complaint here) against Andrew Breitbart and the two conservative filmmakers (James O’ Keefe and Hannah Giles)  who video recorded ACORN employees giving advice as to how to classify underage prostitutes on tax forms...


Richard Posner, Keynesian

Richard Posner has an interesting essay on John Maynard Keynes in The New Republic.  I’m still trying to untangle all the various ideas and contradictions implicit in this economic downturn.  There are many competing...


quote for the day

“The devotional behavior of some grassroots Mac cultists is like a “Windows launch party,” but sincere. See http://minimalmac.com/” –Matt Frost


bad ads

I was just thinking about obnoxious web ads when I stumbled on this post at Outside the Beltway.  If anyone wants to combat these annoying ads there are a number of Firefox plug-ins that...