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Erik Kain

Erik writes about video games at Forbes and politics at Mother Jones. He's the contributor of The League though he hasn't written much here lately. He can be found occasionally composing 140 character cultural analysis on Twitter.

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  1. Alex Knapp says:

    This isn’t too surprising. Prior to 9/11, Johnson was a typical left of center, moderate Democrat.Report

  2. Jaybird says:

    After 9/11, Johnson went a little nuts on the whole “anti-idiotarian” train (quickly followed by the “dhimmitude” train) mostly in defense of the whole idea of America thing. He slammed people who mocked The President as Bushitler, slammed the pro-Palestinian nutballs at the Afghanistan War protests, and had his jaw drop at the signs (“Behead Those Who Insult Islam”) carried in the days that followed the Mohammed cartoons. He probably self-identifies as “classically liberal” rather than “conservative”.

    And, post-2008, we see Republicans not really give a crap about the Islamist threat anymore (he supported the Republicans because they gave a crap about the Islamist threat, not because they were Republicans) and now he sees them turning into weird reflections of the pinkos and hippies after 9/11. Shouting down the president, undermining the “real” fight, so on and so forth.

    He’s probably aghast at the number of fleas he’s attracted. “Holy cow! I’ve been laying down with dogs!”Report

  3. Freddie says:

    slammed the pro-Palestinian nutballs at the Afghanistan War protests

    Because, lord knows, being pro-Palestinian can only be a mark of madness.Report

    • Jaybird in reply to Freddie says:

      Hey! It’s a protest against the Afghanistan War! I KNOW!!! LET’S TALK ABOUT THE PALESTINIANS!!!!

      Why didn’t you mention the Palestinians in your post about the NEA?

      Do you not care about the genocide being enacted against them?

      I question your devotion to the cause when you squander time talking about the NEA when you could be talking about Israel’s oppression.

      (Also, Mumia is in prison while PEOPLE WHO POST ABOUT THE NEA INSTEAD OF TALKING ABOUT THE PALESTINIANS ARE WALKING AROUND FREE. Perhaps we could put in a request for Chris D. to defend the existence of a deity in the face of facts like the above.)Report

      • Herb in reply to Jaybird says:

        You don’t think that was just a bit hostile, Jaybird? Just a bit? I mean, you don’t like Freddie. We get that.

        But you gotta let it go, man.

        PS. I think we can agree that being pro-Palestinian is one thing, and being a pro-Palestinian nutball is completely different.Report

        • Jaybird in reply to Herb says:

          Hostile? That wasn’t my intent.

          I was intending to sound like one of the folks who showed up at a Afghan war protest holding up a sign about the Palestinian Holocaust (with some Mumia thrown in for seasoning).Report

        • Jaybird in reply to Herb says:

          And, for the record, I *LIKE* Freddie.

          I don’t like the whole “people who haven’t reached my conclusions are either ignorant or lack good faith” thing that he has going on. I don’t like the “I don’t have to listen to the following arguments” pre-emption thing he pulls from time to time. Freddie himself? I’m sure he’s a fine, fine fellow whose earnestness makes him only more endearing.Report

  4. James says:

    McCain has piled in very heavily indeed. LGF has basically shown him to be a white nationalist:

    This I did not know.Report

  5. Art Deco says:

    Because, lord knows, being pro-Palestinian can only be a mark of madness.

    Not a mark of madness, but of an inclination to misplaced concern and sympathy. The Arab population of the West Bank, Gaza, and the refugee camps have passed up three clear opportunities over a period of six decades to come to a settlement with their Jewish neighbors, because they do not wish to have any Jewish neighbors.Report