Daily Archive: September 22, 2009

(Don’t) Carry Me Back To Ol’ Virginie

I’ve never understood the appeal of Confederate nostalgia to libertarians. No matter how enamored you are with states’ rights, subsidiarity and all the rest, it seems to me that institutionalized chattel slavery is a...

Strange Bedfellows

It seems that Ralph Peters – best known as an unfailing advocate of the Chechen school of counter-insurgency tactics – has jumped aboard the “get out of Afghanistan now” bandwagon: Yet, in Afghanistan, we’ve...

Glenn Beck for Peace

Two things about this post from Peter Wehner at Commentary.  I couldn’t agree more that Beck doesn’t represent the “disposition” we want associated with conservatism.  But far more interesting is this:

soft bigotry, meet low expectations, part II

Conor Friedersdorf continues to muck around in the Big Hollywood fever swamp. He links approvingly to this piece, entitles his post “The NEA Flirts with Propaganda,” and says “This is another item getting most...

so long and thanks for all the fish

It really has been interesting to watch Little Green Footballs, once so popular amongst righty blogs, make enemy after enemy on the right.  Powerline has apparently de-linked LGF. Charles Johnson writes:

Sex Offender Registries

A few weeks ago Jamelle argued that sex offender registries are counterproductive, doing more harm than good in many cases.  This shows one reason why, in a particularly dramatic fashion.  (H/T: Radley Balko).