Daily Archive: September 18, 2009


sheer nonsense

“I now put the chances of a substantial health care bill passing at 75%, and the chances of the Democrats losing the house in 2010 at about 66%.” ~ Megan McArdle Megan’s second estimate...


Irving Kristol RIP

Whatever you may think of the man, he made an enormous contribution to the political debate in America.  He was 89. See also: The Weekly Standard round-up and Sonny Bunch


“Street Fight”

Via The Weekly Standard, I see that Forest Whitaker is producing a five-part follow-up to “Street Fight,” an Oscar-nominated film that follows Cory Booker’s (ultimately unsuccessful) attempt to a unseat an incredibly corrupt incumbent...


Our Losing Season

This slideshow is an amazing testament to the utter incompetence of the Washington Nationals.


reforms to the current health care proposal ctd.

Tyler Cowen wades through the Baucus proposal.  Several points: 1. CBO scoring is a very useful institution, for purposes of fiscal discipline, but you shouldn’t confuse it with true cost estimates.  Often a negative...



With Vladimir Putin congratulating President Obama on scrapping (the rather nutty) missile defense system, I think it’s again time to ask the question why NATO just doesn’t include Russia or NATO be scrapped in...


Revisiting Munich

With hawks pulling out the Munich analogy every time the US or UK makes a concession to some regime deemed sufficiently evil in the court of public opinion, Alex Massie revisits Neville Chamberlain’s actions...


Should we have invaded Hungary in 1956?

The decision to remove missile defense systems from Eastern Europe has provoked a lot of unusually silly commentary, but the latest from Townhall deserves special recognition: It is all too reminiscent of the Hungarian...



Peter Suderman doesn’t like Pearl Jam’s latest album. 



Conor points us to this post by Kelley Vlahos on private military contractors and the myriad abuses committed by them on the taxpayers’ dime.  Writes Vlahos: Thanks to whistle-blowers — at the threat of...