Daily Archive: September 17, 2009


quote of the day

“Today Al Sharpton and I are hosting a very important event.” ~ Newt Gingrich



Bunch approvingly links to this piece of music criticism from ESPN (?), the thesis of which seems to be that the Beatles, while great for their time, haven’t aged very well. I’ll leave the...


Frummaging Through Foreign Policy

David Frum is Dickensian: the best and worst of Republican thinkers.  Assuming there are any left.  His work on a domestic reform based conservatism is I think excellent.  His foreign policy views, eh, not...


Translating Lingua Limbaugh

I see this story percolating through the left side of the blogosphere today.  It seems to be missing the context necessary to accurately interpret what Limbaugh was actually saying, which was a different kind...


You lie!

Arnold Kling makes a salient point about Obama’s health care speech:


Jack Hunter on Glenn Beck

I know I just said stop talking about the talking heads – but I think that Jack Hunter is on to something in this post. First off, let me just say that before Beck...


Missile Defense

Nuclear disarmament is the college debate topic this year, so happily I’m paying closer attention to nukes than to, say, taxpayer-funded prostitution rings. The latest development is fairly straightforward: Obama plans to disassemble a...