Nearly half of America’s doctors will quit under Obamacare


Erik Kain

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7 Responses

  1. Avatar rob says:

    Wouldn’t “Shockingly Unscientific Survey says that…” be a more accurate title for this post? I know its qualified by part of the quotation, but still…

    Meanwhile, over in Scientifically-Conducted-Surveyland (though that survey also comes with its own set of qualifications, as noted at the end of the piece, and its hard to say exactly what a survey of doctors proves — maybe how doctors define their own interests?)…Report

  2. Avatar Zach says:

    Everyone needs to take a breath and look back at the laughable history of IBD polling. It exists exclusively for the purpose of providing Larry Kudlow with talking points.Report

    • Avatar Zach says:

      Hah; not quite on schedule but as predicted:

      What the Doctors Think [Larry Kudlow]
      Will Americans soon be too sick to work, produce, invest, and generate new prosperity? That’s one conclusion you can draw from a new series by Investor’s Business Daily, which reveals that doctors are overwhelmingly opposed to a government takeover of health care (including the Baucus plan). Just as important, IBD reports that any government-based health-care overhaul will exacerbate the growing shortage of doctors in this country.


  3. Avatar Jaybird says:

    A full 65% of Hollywood Actors/Actresses polled said that they would move to Canada if Bush was going to be re-elected in 2004.Report

  4. I have some of the much-more reliable results from the poll published in NEJM up – it’s actually a solid study showing substantial physician support for reform including a public option. Good stuff.

    Rob, the qualifications of the poll are reasonable ones. You can extrapolate from this poll to the genral population of doctors much more readily than you would from the IBD poll. Doctor’s define their interests according to their income; it’s clear that they see reform of *insurance* as not a threat (and potentially an increase, since more people with insurance = more patients).

    republican claims that this reform will be a “government takeover” notwithstanding, its clear that theres no threat to private practice here. Thats why doctors are pretty supportive overall.Report