Daily Archive: September 16, 2009


ACORN stuff.

So the ACORN videos are crossing over to CNN and the Daily Show (h/t: Conor). At this point, it seems rather hard to deny that there’s something wrong with ACORN. By appearances, it looks...


technical difficulties

We are experiencing technical difficulties.  If OG’s want – this is a good time to NOT post and not be logged in to the site.  I’m not sure what’s wrong or when it will...


quit talking about talking heads

Guess what?  Talk radio hosts and cable tv stars like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck say crazy, paranoid, flame-baiting, stupid, awful things.  Surprise! They do it for the ratings.  It’s a ploy that is...


on serfs, stocks, and inequality

Chris writes: We live in an era where stockholders are aristocrats and the rest of us serfs.  This is why incidentally redistributing their aristocratic wealth is not an avenue for liberation in my mind...

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