Daily Archive: September 15, 2009


Race and the Right

For years, the American Right has been claiming that it is “color-blind” and that the Left is race-obsessed.  Frankly, when it came to certain issues, they even had a point – there really was...


Theological (Glenn) Beckism

Not that I/you should expect much in the way of logical rigor from Glenn Beck, but is anyone else a little confused by Principles 2 & 4 in the 9/12 Project:


(Economic) Selfhood not Serfhood

Jon Chait’s article on Ayn Rand is getting some play here at the League.  Will’s response here, Freddie’s here.  As usual here at the League I’m in a slantwise position relative to this discussion. ...



A student on a Belleville West High School bus was beaten for his choice of seat, not because he was white, according to a witness and police.


war games

Scott writes: Certainly part of the promise of Obama’s presidency was to get away from the vicious partisanship of Rovian politics as Andrew points out. But I can’t help wondering whether Obama isn’t overplaying...


Quote of the Day

At one key moment in “The Breaking Point,” Dos Passos tells Hemingway, “The question I keep putting to myself is what’s the use of fighting a war for civil liberties, if you destroy civil...


racially motivated according to whom?

OK, so someone please tell me what evidence Rod Dreher, or Drudge, is offering  that this was a racially motivated beating, in the incident he refers to. Rod takes it as an article of...


community and exit

One fundamental flaw in the idealized concept of small town America is the lack of freedom to exit.  In small towns the freedom to exit is greatly reduced – especially in rural areas where...


Threat Level Midnight

Daniel Drezner sounds the alarm over Obama’s dangerous protectionist tendencies.


demographic change as political fuel

Rod Dreher links to and quotes Arnold Kling, who says something very useful for our conversation about the Glen Beck movement– and, incidentally, something that our media insists I am not allowed to say...



President Obama has scored points, at least with me, for his off-color description of gay fish, Kanye West.  I found some of my favorite G.W. Bush moments were when he was caught off the...