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Freddie deBoer used to blog at, and may again someday. Now he blogs here.

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5 Responses

  1. Avatar Max says:

    great choice! i found a volume of his in my high school one year and fell in love. do you know the story of his death? i wrote him a tribute, years ago:
    ‘the long death

    Liquor-drip, he stumble out.
    The river murmurs warm below.
    The night as still as a dead woman
    Somewhere inland, wrapt and silent–
    So drips the slow thought of Li Po.

    At a certain point – tonight – decides
    Him: give over the world, the endless
    Land of China, sweet with trees and the dead.
    Find a river, run it out.
    Get drunk and make love to the moon.’Report

  2. Avatar nick.t. says:

    Whose translations are these? If they are yours, please say so – if not, give credit where it is due, to the translator.Report

  3. Avatar nick.t. says:

    Thanks, Freddie. My guess would be Arthur Waley, since the poem uses the older Wade-Giles transliteration, rather than the modern pinyin.Report