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  1. mike farmer says:

    No, not seriously. I imagine he hasn’t struck a deal yet, and is marketing for a higher sum. Too controversial? I think not. It’ll be hyped, someone will go with it, it’ll make money but most people will say “What was all the fuss about?” What was that movie years ago about the Scopes trial? I barely remember it, but it was controversial then — Spencer Tracy played in it? I think.Report

  2. Dara says:

    The Master and Commander parallel struck me as well–especially because there was a winking reference to Darwin in that film, as I recall. Which might make Paul Bettany the most oddly typecast actor of his generation. Perhaps a dramatic adaptation of Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything might be in the works?Report

  3. Bob Cheeks says:

    Whas evoluution?Report

  4. Freddie says:

    What Mike Farmer said. A producer made a movie, was unable to secure distribution, and is now complaining that it’s the product of nefarious forces, without any evidence beyond his say-so. Sounds very dubious to me, a kind of CYA.Report

  5. Jaybird says:

    What they need is a decent film editor.

    (Ominous silence with a low minor chord coming in very, very slowly)

    (fade in to a finch with a small beak sitting on a branch then fade to black… music gets louder)

    (fade in to a finch with a medium beak sitting on a branch then fade to black… music gets louder still)

    (fade in to a finch with a large beak sitting on a branch then fade to black… music gets louder yet and then goes totally silent)

    Kid Rock’s Badiwaba plays at top volume and there is a series of fast cuts: a shot of the HMS Beagle firing all cannons, the HMS Beagle being tossed in a storm, Darwin lying on a beach wearing tattered clothing, Darwin grabbing some ropes in the aforementioned storm while screaming commands to sailors, Darwin sitting up on the beach while some scantily clad female natives walk toward him, Darwin chopping his way through a jungle with a machete, Darwin making out with one of the natives on the beach, then a shot of Darwin and some other guy (Geoffrey Rush, maybe?) staring each other down on a cliff by a waterfall. “You think you can change the way the world works, Chuck?”, Rush’s character asks. We see a blur of movement as they both grab for weapons then cut to black with the sound of gunfire.

    The word “Creation” fades in… then fades out. “2010” fades in… then fades out.

    Cut to the camera being attacked by a Toucan.