I think the best part about the Bears-Packers game . . .



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  1. Avatar Michael Drew

    It was pretty awesome (he says, sitting in Madison). 😉 Pretty risky & pretty lucky it worked, too. One of those plays you can’t feel too good about after watching the preceding 58-and-a-half minutes.Report

  2. Avatar M.Z.

    Chris is a good egg. It wasn’t that good of a game. 4 interceptions and Orton wins the game for the Broncos. Too much for me.

    Writing between Sheboygan and Green Bay.Report

  3. Avatar Transplanted Lawyer

    All Green Bay really needed was better RB rotation and a stronger right tackle and it would have dominated — Urlacher or no Urlacher. As it was, the O-line gave up too much to Chicago’s defense and that’s what made Rodgers’ call with less than eighty seconds left in the game such a call for the mass sucking in breath responsible for last night’s sudden drop in air pressure extending from Superior, WI to Cairo, IL.

    Collinsworth, however, failed to impress — at least during this game.Report

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