I think the best part about the Bears-Packers game . . .



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6 Responses

  1. Avatar Michael Drew says:

    It was pretty awesome (he says, sitting in Madison). 😉 Pretty risky & pretty lucky it worked, too. One of those plays you can’t feel too good about after watching the preceding 58-and-a-half minutes.Report

  2. Avatar M.Z. says:

    Chris is a good egg. It wasn’t that good of a game. 4 interceptions and Orton wins the game for the Broncos. Too much for me.

    Writing between Sheboygan and Green Bay.Report

  3. All Green Bay really needed was better RB rotation and a stronger right tackle and it would have dominated — Urlacher or no Urlacher. As it was, the O-line gave up too much to Chicago’s defense and that’s what made Rodgers’ call with less than eighty seconds left in the game such a call for the mass sucking in breath responsible for last night’s sudden drop in air pressure extending from Superior, WI to Cairo, IL.

    Collinsworth, however, failed to impress — at least during this game.Report