Let’s all go back to Geocities



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9 Responses

  1. Avatar mike farmer says:

    So, perhaps we will get to sites too-big-to-fail? Social site bailouts?Report

  2. Avatar William Brafford says:

    I seem to remember creating a Star Wars fansite on Angelfire when I was in middle school. Goodness, I hope that thing’s been lost to history.Report

  3. Avatar JosephFM says:

    I made an awesome (for 1999), utterly nonsensical flash page at one point. On – yes – GeoCities.

    And possibly a Powerpuff Girls fansite. That was a darn good cartoon.Report

  4. Avatar Trumwill says:

    Ms. Boyd’s equation of the Facebook migration to White Flight is as fine a defense of White Flight as I have ever heard. In fact, it’s exceptionally generous to the phenomenon.Report

    • Avatar Jaybird says:


      Why wouldn’t it be? I’m trying to imagine an argument that folks (white ones, in particular) would have an obligation to stay on myspace rather than move somewhere else and I’m failing.Report

      • Avatar Trumwill says:

        I meant generous to White Flight.

        The migration from MySpace to Facebook is almost entirely benign (I say “almost” simply because I concede there may be something wrong with it that I hadn’t thought of).

        Though I think The Case Against White Flight is overblown, but there are negative consequences at the civic level and some unsavory motives that simply don’t exist in the case of MySpace and Facebook.Report

  5. Avatar James says:

    And to think that you fools mocked me when you heard that I was shelling out for a GeoPlus account! Well who is laughing now? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!Report