Daily Archive: September 11, 2009



Matt Zeitlin’s post on 9/11 is top notch, and I recommend that you read it.  Here’s an excerpt: One would hope that America’s size, strength and influence would breed a certain sense of responsibility...



After eight years, the best sentiment remains the one immortalized by a classmate’s homemade t-shirt the day after the attacks: “Fuck Terrorism.”


I agree with him…

Barry Ritholtz has an interesting post suggesting that the Democrats made a significant tactical error in pursuing health care reform before pursuing financial regulatory reform:


Pathetic (Ab)uses of 9/11: Fouad Ajami Edition

Fouad Ajami uses the anniversary of the attacks on NYC and Washington DC as a launching pad to argue that the Iraq War was all along the right war and that President Obama is...


Criminals among us

Good lord, not you too Andrew Sullivan!  Oh the humanity!


general welfare

I got a bit of a kick reading Ian Millhiser’s Rally ‘Round the True Constitution.  He does a spectacular job of fearmongering by suggesting that “Tenthers”, his derogatory term for conservative politicians who, in opposition to...


Merit Pay and Teacher Autonomy

Picking up the merit pay ball from Will for a moment, let’s hash out a few competing ideas. First of all, I think just about everyone agrees on two fundamentals: teachers are probably paid...


Point of Order

An unanticipated side-effect of Joe Wilson’s outburst has been a pretty interesting discussion of parliamentary procedure, both at home and abroad. Congress Matters explains the relevant Senate rules and Andrew Sullivan compares Wilson’s interjection...


does no one remember the prescription drug benefit?

I was reading this reader email to Andrew and I really had to wonder– was this person railing against cost overruns and budget deficits when the prescription drug benefit was passed? It’s hard to...


Birthers vs. Truthers

Jonah Goldberg lands some solid blows against the Left’s knee-jerk defense of Van Jones here, but contrasting the travails of our dearly-departed green jobs czar with the conservative establishment’s response to the “Birther” movement...