Daily Archive: September 9, 2009


obligatory reaction post on Obama’s healthcare address

To start things off, I should say that I’m not particularly sympathetic to the Dems’ lackluster efforts at healthcare reform. I’m willing to be persuaded that a robust public option would promote healthier outcomes...


And since we’re talking about health care…

This isn’t really part of the conversation anymore, especially now that Congress and the president have taken it off the table, but it’s worth reminding folks that we could cover a good chunk of...


Let’s all go back to MySpace.

Here’s an article describing how social stratification shows up in social networking among teenagers. Maybe we all knew this already, but there’s some interesting quotes. A few of them after the jump.


what we’re selling to China

Solar power.  Just because you can’t export sunshine from Arizona, doesn’t mean you can’t export the ability to harness its energy.


opposition as governance

“My hunch is that the Times’ editors see Friedman aiming the gun at his foot, but watching a man stupid enough to actually pull the trigger is so fun they hate to intervene. That...


Palin’s Op-Ed ctd.

Will, I actually liked Sarah Palin’s Op-Ed quite a bit. 


In Which I Take on a Nobel Laureate

Paul Krugman goes after arguments that the public option is not an important part of health care reform this morning.  A central point of Krugman’s is that the public option will significantly reduce costs,...


Why not give merit pay a shot?

I confess I’m somewhat baffled by Dana Goldstein’s beef with merit pay: Forty years of psychological research demonstrates that when someone is faced with a complex, creative task — like teaching — money is...


Obama’s Well Nigh Impossible Wed. Night Task

President Obama’s two biggest problems politically are 1. a frankly crazy and irresponsible minority GOP party (with plenty of enablers to be sure) and 2. His own party affiliation. In the immortal words of...


Our Three Party Democracy

Creepy admiration for China’s authoritarian government aside, the main point of Tom Friedman’s most recent New York Times op-ed is actually pretty sound: the United States has become something of a neutered one-party democracy. ...


Matt Steinglass responds

Matt Steinglass has responded at length to some of my thoughts on the circumcision debate, in the comments of my posts on the subject. If you’ve read any of my posts on this issue...


More meandering thoughts.

Jamelle, the ferocity of the right-wing opposition to Obama mystifies and bewilders me, so as far as I’m concerned your explanation’s as good as any. Because when I try to imagine what I would...