Daily Archive: September 3, 2009


Rights and Responsibilities

Our pal Ken at Popehat (see also Dave Schuler) asks whether there can be an affirmative constitutional right to health care and whether there already exists an affirmative constitutional right that could be compared...


philosophical not ideological commitment

Picking back up the thread of our quadrilogue on ideological dexterity, I’d like to start with this quotation from Scott: My own diagnosis would take Erik’s focus on the cultural absolutism of prevailing political...


I Don’t Have the Super-Sniffer: BC Edition

Here in Vancouver we have a lot of city skunks as they have adapted to garbage can/neighborhood living.  We also have a lot of folks who smoke weed in public.  Both exist in my...


George Will & Iraq

Looks like George Will wants to leave Iraq, too.  I’m not convinced we can achieve much of anything there or in Afghanistan.  But this “break it you buy it” ethic keeps coming back to...


If You’re a Mets Fan…

This is extremely depressing.  What makes it even more depressing is that it says what anyone with two eyes and half a brain has known for at least a few months now: the Mets...


The Right to Dwell

As of today I am no longer residing in Canada in what the US (and the book of Leviticus!!!) would call resident alien status.  [Damn there goes my claim on the extra harvest from...


congratulations are in order

Congrats to Jason Kuznicki on the new addition to the family!  Get lots of rest, and have fun on blog-hiatus!


Another Isolated Incident

Goddamn.  Cops really need to start trying to understand how their actions are likely to be perceived not only by the communities they patrol but also by people they’re trying to apprehend.  Sometimes, after...


McDonnell’s thesis

A friend pointed out that a lot of the discomfort surrounding McDonnell’s thesis comes from its arcane terminology – words like “fornicator” and “homosexual” are less common nowadays and suggest some distasteful religious overtones....


teh crazy

Well, no political fringe has a monopoly on crazy, that’s for sure.


a rose by any other name…

Despite anything Andrew might have to say about Max Boot – I just have to add that the man has probably the coolest name around.  It sounds like a movie.  Like “Das Boot” mixed...


Magazine Subscriptions, ctd.

I’m a big fan of The American Conservative. But Buchanan’s tendency to write crazy shit is hurting their chances of getting subscriptions from the all-important “League of Ordinary Gentlemen” demographic.


Let’s Review

Attorney General Eric Holder has announced a preliminary investigation into abusive interrogation tactics. This investigation was recommended by the Justice Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility. The scope of the investigation is limited to people...