Remember Remember the 8th of November (1994, that is)

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  1. Barry says:

    Just how many bills did the GOP push though reconciliation last administration?Report

  2. The Democrats have all the votes they need to get anything they want passed. Why are they dicking around? Why are they still badgering the Right? Just pass the thing and shut up about it.

    * Note: The reason they haven’t is because there is internal opposition and they also want the political cover of bipartisanship when/if the public hates it.Report

  3. Barry says:

    Remember, the Democratic Party doesn’t have anything like the cohesion that the GOP does. Having 59 Senate votes doesn’t count for sh*t, if a half-dozen are more likely to vote with the GOP.

    The possible good explanation of all of this is that Obama (and whomever he listens to) is allowing the GOP to demonstrate their total obstructionism, beyond any honest doubt. At that point, ramming it through is politically acceptable.Report

  4. zic says:

    A robust public option is what conservatives fear most. They’ve directed all their political will to defeating it; they know if the rest of the public is as satisfied with their health care as are seniors, there is the real possibility for a single payer system.

    It is extremely unfortunate they’re not putting their energy and intelligence into creating the kind of competitive, consumer-satisfaction driven free market that would address some of the real, often under addressed problems: job-movement freedom, business start-ups and small business, the ability of groups to form purchasing collectives, standardized billing systems, efficacy studies, electronic medical records, and government investment in r&d.Report

  5. Bob Cheeks says:


    Dude, welcome to Earth.

    Every Socialist-Democrat that looks at BO’s “commie-care” is either toast or going to be severely challenged in his/her election in 2010. So I am looking forward to the Enlightened One’s offering being made public and the contest beginning so we can get our congressman, Charlie Wilson, of Ohio’s 6th District on the record and trust me Jamelle, that’s a challenge. We can’t even find the congressman, he’s hiding!

    This will be the great toilet bowl flush of all time.Report