Summer films 2009: a frivolous post.

William Brafford

William Brafford grew up in North Carolina, home of the world's best barbecue, indie rock, and regional soft drinks. He just barely sustains a personal blog and "tweets" every now and then under the name @williamrandolph.

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4 Responses

  1. I have Aspergers and my partner and I watched the film when it came to Minneapolis. While I’m not as affected as Adam was depicted or others that I know have Aspergers, I thought it was an accurate portrayal and I think it helped my partner understand me a bit more.Report

  2. Dan Summers says:

    I just saw (500) Days of Summer and I totally agree with your review. I thought the charm of the acting and the refreshing honesty of the entire film was of sufficient quality, and the whole thing sufficiently enjoyable, as to make me forgive the ham-handed and intrusive voice-overs and the contrived and cloying younger sister character. It could have been better without them, but I still really, really enjoyed the film.Report

    • Mr. Prosser in reply to Dan Summers says:

      My wife and I both enjoyed the film, I think your desciption of Deschanel’s character is very good. The film montages were, I think, an insight into Gordon-Levitt’s character. The guy thinks in cliches and relates to reality by picturing himself in a movie of his life. The boulevard dance scene sums him best. As to the little sister relationship, do you think the writer was trying to update Holden Caulfield? Phoebe is that sister. Plus, remember when Holden is slugged by the bellman? He responds to the pain by seeing himself as a wounded soldier in a movie crawling across the beach head.Report