Daily Archive: September 1, 2009


whither gmail?

Is it just me or is gmail not working right now?


charter cities ctd.

Here’s a thought.  Preventing immigrants from coming to the United States to work essentially creates a barrier to exit.   Immigrants are forced to remain within the monopoly of their native state.  Removing the barrier...


Boycott WND?

Jon Henke wants to boycott WorldNetDaily.  I think he’s on to something, though I’m not sure a boycott is the answer.  How about Republicans start pressing their leadership to quit acting crazy and to...


coining a term

Forgive me if someone has already coined a superior term for this. rollover– The kind of hangover that comes and goes in a wave-like pattern over the course of the day, lulling you into...


Michael Steele Tuesdays

We should start a weekly Michael Steele feature here.  He’s just so much fun to make fun of.  That’s probably because he does all his own legwork:


Creationists on BloggingHeads?

I’m a big fan of BloggingHeads, though I generally prefer the political or philosophical dialogues to ‘Science Saturday’ and the like. So I completely missed this controversy over inviting creationists on the show, which...


I’m not sure if I should care about Bob McDonnell’s thesis

Apologies for diving into the morass of Virginia state politics, but the latest controversy surrounding Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell is pretty interesting. To make a long story short, McDonnell casually mentioned his master’s...


George Will on Afghanistan

Here’s his much-anticipated column. It’s persuasive and depressing, though I think I disagree with his assessment. It also bears a striking resemblance to this  recent article from Andrew Bacevich in Commonweal, which I took...


Wyden-Bennett ctd.

David Frum comes out in favor of Wyden-Bennett and against the Club for Growth’s recent attacks on Senator Bennett.  He points out that the very things the Club for Growth are attacking in Wyden-Bennett...


Summer films 2009: a frivolous post.

I’ve missed the biggest summer movies for one reason or another. I missed Funny People because I was busy during the week or so when it was tanking. I missed District 9 because I’d...