Monthly Archive: September 2009


Education Spending

Jason Kuznicki produces a pretty damning chart comparing federal expenditures to educational achievement. Looking at the numbers, I can’t think of a more eloquent case for thorough-going reform.



WTF? All I can say is that I’m with James Joyner on this one.  But his larger point nonetheless has merit.  The mass political debate, as evidenced by the blogs, talk radio, talk TV,...


Song for the Day

— Ya gotta dig the thumb picking style on the guitar solos.  And of course the flute.


Quote for the Day: Chris’s Family Edition

From The Cincinnati Enquirer: Life is too short to sweat the small stuff.  So says Paul Paff, the 80-year-old Delhi Township man trapped about six hours Tuesday in a 15-foot-deep septic tank behind his...


David Simon, call your office

Via Jeffrey Goldberg, a CQ editor has apparently been fired for daring to speak up in the midst of widespread lay-offs. An email he fired off to management before the firing is pretty badass:


I feel like this should be a bigger deal

From last week’s Tuesday Morning Quarterback: Meanwhile, previous AIG CEO Edward Liddy repeatedly said he was working “for $1 a year.” He asserted this on “60 Minutes” and in sworn congressional testimony, and was...


Dear Washington Post,

Look, I get it. Sales figures are declining. Online ad revenue sucks. This whole fragmented media environment thing hasn’t exactly been gangbusters for business. That Internet video experiment flamed out faster than a Roman...


Blogosphere “divided” over Polanski arrest

In the wake of the Polanski arrest, one developing meme is that this “controversy” has provoked some divide – ideological or otherwise – among the blogosphere. The moral questions surrounding child rape, you see,...


illegal immigration and worker’s rights

Will Wilkinson is among our best writers when it comes to the issue of illegal immigration. Today he writes, “But, in my experience, laying out clearly the immense benefits to the immigrants is extremely...


A bloody mess…

For reading up on commercial real estate, Robert Knakal’s blog is one of my favorite sites.  His topics are of interest.  He has good commenters that are knowledgable about the commercial real estate business and...


Dan Drezner Owes Me $5 Bucks

The Leveretts (Flynt and Hillary Mann) have a NyTimes op-ed out on the Iranian situation in light of the revelation of the new nuclear site. Dan Drezner it’s fair to say, he no likey...


awesomeness: Japanese First Lady Edition

From a profile of Miyuki Hatoyama (wife of new Japanese PM Yukio Hatoyama) in Time by Glen Levy: Miyuki, an inspirational speaker and former actress, is literally out of this world. She has recently...


Modern Mencken?

John McWhorter’s column on the passing of William Safire is worth the read.


Something to Consider: Iran Edition

From an excellent NyTimes article on the debate between European, American, and Israeli intelligence agencies on the Iranian nuclear question: Graham Allison, the author of “Nuclear Terrorism” and a Harvard professor who focuses on...


Purple Toryism

Continuing on the theme of Red Toryism, ED writes: It’s true, the free market is a system sans morality, a system of personal choices and determinations, and our political leaders should do their utmost...


Don’t Mess With Texas?

After Cass Sunstein’s contentious confirmation hearing, I decided to pick up a copy of Nudge to see what all the fuss was about. Did you know “Don’t Mess With Texas” started as an anti-littering...


Hawks’ gall.

I’m not really a foreign policy guy, but I thought Daniel Larison had a nice line on hawkishness today: “Hawks have routinely unleashed forces they do not understand, cannot control and are unwilling to...


I don’t know why . . .

. . . but I find the idea of banning clove cigarettes or this absurd incident much more offensive to my libertarian-ish sensibilities than universal health care.


Our “Terminally Awkward” Future

Anyone interested in scoring a cute girl’s number next Saturday modern courtship rituals should check out this excellent post (and comment thread) at The American Scene.