Daily Archive: August 28, 2009


Thought for the Day: Musicologist Edition

Upon learning that Noel Gallagher has quit Oasis you’re probably asking the same question I am:  Oasis was still together?  WTF?  Why?  Consider this your song for the evening.


quote for the afternoon

“Every time you hear some version of the imperative “Believe!” cringe and fear for the future. It is the clearest symptom that we live in a culture of wilful delusion–one that actively encourages billions...


scattered thoughts on health care

1.  It is disheartening to watch conservatives take up the mantle of Defenders of Medicare, even going so far as to propose a “Senior Citizens’ Bill of Rights.”  It’s really tremendously frustrating and cynical. ...



Will Wilkinson thinks people should be allowed to carry guns around the President.  Commenter JK asks: What do you think would have happened if an Arab-American citizen showed up to a GWB rally, visibly...


simple little question

For all the people defending bringing a gun to a political protest: if we go beyond merely saying, “you have the right to,”– and just saying that, you aren’t saying much– what is the...