Daily Archive: August 27, 2009


How to make a terrible argument, the Matt Steinglass way

Let your eyes rest on this argument for while, and be amazed. Matt Steinglass has weighed in on the circumcision argument. (Judging from his picture, he also apparently chose the “Alpine” background on school...


Hidden Talents

Utah Republican Senator Orrin Hatch composed and performed this song for long-time friend and Senate opponent Ted Kennedy – h/t That’s pretty impressive – both as a show of … not bipartisanship, per se,...


do the evolution

Continuing the discussion Chris began earlier, Scott asks: Erik, in Chris’ opening salvo, he mentions his general disdain for the current political parties and the role they play in US politics as one driving...


Real Postmodern Politics

(H/t John Robb for turning me on to this).  As a brief followup to what I wrote earlier today on how all the typical definitions of political philosophies (liberalism, conservatism, libertarianism) are all modern...


Singapore & Mandatory Savings

Will Wilkinson picks up on the ongoing Singapore discussion.  I alluded to something similar here.  Indeed, the way to transform both our health care, our social security, and our national savings could be found...


circumcision at the Daily Dish

The Daily Dish’s guest bloggers continue to post on circumcision. Yet they continue to ignore what to me is the central issue regarding these studies, the vastly different rates of infection between sub-Saharan Africa,...

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