Why I won’t dismiss Matt Taibbi…


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  1. Miles Teg says:

    Great take on Taibbi – amazing people have psy-ops media pushed at them, and after Jackson Hole the central bankers said everything is ok. Like N. Taleb says, don’t let someone who had an accident while driving a bus blindfolded drive again! What recovery – the banks recovery, what about jobs, pensions and production of goods and services… ahh these are incidental to parasitic wall street. What matters is that the deservedly rich stay rich… where is that oiled gun to keep Wall Street in check – all gone. And a footnote – Wall Street has been doing this crisis operations (like economic hitmen) on Africa for decades – and well it was fine to blame the Africans ( a little subtle racism goes a long way, including support to Apartheid South Africa). But presto, when it hits home, then it there is a call for a reassessment. Manifest destiny is not only mediocre it is very destructive…Report