Daily Archive: August 26, 2009


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If you are having difficulties with posts being cut off and you are using Internet Explorer, please download the latest version – IE 8 – which should take care of the problem.  It’s also...



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I hope I’m not jeopardizing E.D. Kain’s perch at New Majority (congrats, E.D.!), but I do take issue with David Frum’s selective appreciation for one of my favorite 19th century political movements. In addition...


Guns don’t kill people, but far-right extremists do

With rifle-toting protesters showing up at various rallies and town halls around the country, there’s been a lot of worry – mostly on part of liberals – that these demonstrations could erupt into serious...


my debut…

…post at New Majority is up today.


Why I won’t dismiss Matt Taibbi…

I want to congratulate Matt Taibbi for his First Amendment Award for Outstanding Journalism: Best Reporter award.   I think that both The Big Takeover and  The Great American Bubble Machine cover territory not ventured into...


Symposium on Universal Health Care

Read a wide range of views on whether it’s time for conservatives to embrace universal coverage over at New Majority.


Ted Kennedy, 1932-2009

What Dylan said. And Annie Laurie too. Also, if you have the time, you should check out the Miller Center of Public Affairs (full disclosure: I work for the Center) for its resources on...