Friday Night Jukebox: Now usually I don’t do this . . .



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6 Responses

  1. Avatar Freddie says:

    Not to nitpick, but Ignition (and the remix) aren’t really his early work. “Bump and Grind” is from like 1993.Report

  2. Avatar Lev says:

    I don’t think that reference is even correct. Wasn’t the plot of Major Payne that he was an Army Special Ops guy who was teaching little kids at a boarding school? It wasn’t even an all-girls boarding school, either.

    R. Kelly fail. Still funny, though.Report

  3. Avatar Herb says:

    What, no mention of “You Remind Me of A Jeep?” Because every woman wants to remind R. Kelly…of a Jeep.Report

  4. Avatar Joseph FM says:

    As someone who was 12 in 1996, I still – after all the madness since – associate Kelly with “I Believe I Can Fly” (and other bad movie themes like Batman & Robin’s “Gotham City”).

    As for the P2K list, I was surpised at how much of this music a) I already have and b) how conventional most of the top choices are. Aside from R. Kelly, the only surprise in the top 20 was that they picked “Losing My Edge” as the best LCD Soundsystem song, apparently for similar reasons.Report

    • Avatar Joseph FM says:

      Scratch that last one, I was reading the numbering wrong. In which case, my point is even stronger. Rolling Stone could have made this list.Report

  5. Avatar rob says:

    Top concert experiences of my life definitely includes seeing Bonnie Prince Billy slaughter Ignition about five years ago, at a hippie commune outside Athens (Georgia), in a torrential downpour. Oldham really brought out the pathos in the song. Which isn’t to imply that R. Kelly doesn’t.Report