Daily Archive: August 20, 2009


life and death sentences

You can count me among those who, in regards to the Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi situation, think a life sentence means just that– you spend the rest of your life in prison, and it doesn’t...


thursday art walk

Willie Nelson, photographed by Annie Leibovitz –


Irony of the Day – Lockerbie Bomber Edition

“Also, is it just me or is it rather surreal that he’s flying home on a commercial airliner (not Pan American, which ceased operations long before al-Megrahi ever went to trial) and climbing stairs...


Glenn Greenwald

is entirely right, and on the occasion of his post, I say again that the culturally and socially liberal leanings of many reporters cannot begin to overwhelm the reflexive, self-congratulatory political anti-leftism of the...


Pieces of the Legislation We Love

At the risk of boring everyone with arcane institutional trivia (which I’m sure I did with the reconciliation post), I’m not quite sure what to make of the “two bill” idea being floated around...


Idea of the Day

From Daniel Gross at Newsweek: After the stock-research scandals of the 1990s, analysts were required to disclose whether they or their families owned stock in the companies they were talking about. That has since...


the unintended consequences of economic populism

“POPULIST, n. A fossil patriot of the early agricultural period, found in the old red soapstone underlying Kansas; characterized by an uncommon spread of ear, which some naturalists contend gave him the power of...


How I would have written Scalia’s dissent

Troy Davis, originally convicted of murdering an off-duty cop under questionable circumstances, will now have his case reviewed by order of the Supreme Court. Justice Scalia dissented, however, and his opinion isn’t exactly a...


quote of the day

from Gregg Easterbrook: “While the fixed vote in Iran received extensive international attention, the world paid no notice to an honest election in Indonesia — the world’s largest Muslim nation. As recently as the...