Daily Archive: August 19, 2009


health care on the radio

If you have time, check out James Joyner and Dave Schuler on OTB radio this evening, discussing “the latest developments in the health care debate, the evolving situations in Iraq and Afghanistan, furloughing government...


Time Travel

My favorite movie that involves time traveling is Twelve Monkeys.  Anybody know a better time-travel flick?  And, beyond that, has anyone ever seen a time traveling film that made enough sense to be believable? ...



We have a COMMENTING POLICY by the way, y’all. Newbies and old timers alike are more than welcome to read it.  It’s more of a suggested guidelines deal, but it really does work to...


I ain’t got time for this jibba jabba

Among many – many – other things, I wish political commentators would stop explaining away our near-constant legislative gridlock as some inevitable, quasi-mystical part of the democratic process.  For instance, here’s Peter Suderman (guest-posting...


‘Graf for the Day

From Religion News at Pew Forum: The three men were locals who were said to have once crossed into nearby Afghanistan to wage war alongside the Taliban. They then returned, militant wayfarers apparently bent...


Other Good Ideas Nobody is Voting For/Against

Steven Pearlstein in his op-ed makes a fairly dumb classic Washington Post (false) moral equivalence between death panels hysteria on the right and the public option on the left.  That said, he makes some...

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