Oh, Inverted World!



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  1. Avatar Mark says:

    Well, the Wal-Mart one is silliness on an ideological level (though many would argue that lower- and middle-income christian conservatives vote against their own interests by shopping at Wal-Mart.)

    But what’s inconsistent about Liberals not wanting to shop at Whole Foods?

    – It’s a non-union store
    – The CEO has repeatedly and publicly behaved in ways that I’m sure many Liberals disagree with
    – The prices are inaccessible to most of the country – if we oppose the commodification of water, why wouldn’t we oppose the same with fruits and vegetables?
    – Whole Foods is still not necessarily a great environmental citizen – lots of packaging, lots of long-distance shipping…among many other issues…

    And that ignores any doctrinaire anti-capitalism bent on the left.Report