Daily Archive: August 18, 2009

Objectively Pro-Death Panel

I’m sure someone has already made this point, but if you take the idea of a “death panel” seriously, it doesn’t really seem like that terrible of an idea.  As I’m sure most of...

on the field of reason ctd.

In the comments to this post discussing David Frum’s recent column on the talk-radio right, several commenters thought Frum had said a bit too much in his hypothetical:

Medicare vs. Obamacare

[updated below] Andrew Biggs crunches some numbers on Medicare over at the AEI blog.   Contra Minnesota Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann and others adopting the new “Obamacare vs. Medicare” talking points, Biggs rightly points out...

Selling Out

Byron York’s column on the decline and fall of the antiwar Left makes for a depressing read.

The Perils of Reconciliation

On my twitter feed (which you should follow, by the way), a friend asks what I think about the potential use of reconciliation to pass health care reform.  For those of you unawares (or...

Oh, Inverted World!

Liberals boycott Whole Foods while conservatives plot to bring down Wal-Mart. Weird.

Robert Novak R.I.P.

Conservative columnist, Robert Novak, died today.  He was 78 years old.


That’s Obama’s new age, according to World Net Daily, which uses as their source – his “official MySpace page”.  And yes, if Obama is actually 52 and not 48, that would mean he is...

Hollywood Squares

Freddie nods approvingly at Conor Friedersdorf’s latest manifesto for conservative writers and entertainers at Doublethink online, and sure enough, it’s a good read. But I wonder if Hollywood’s laissez-faire approach to ideology extends to...

Teh Crazy: Now in Variety Packs!

Jesse Walker’s Five Laws of the Crazy Tree is good stuff, reminding us that no one has a monopoly on insanity in our political discourse, although I agree with Peter Suderman that at least in recent...