Friday Genius Ten

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  1. Avatar Kyle

    Original Song: “Paris Is Burning” – Ladyhawke

    1. “Great DJ” – The Ting Tings
    2. “Overpowered” – Roisin Murphy
    3. “2 Hearts” – Kylie Minogue
    4. “Oh My God” – Mark Ronson ft. Lily Allen
    5. “My Moon My Man” – Feist
    6. “A-Punk” – Vampire Weekend
    7. “Heart It Races” – Architecture in Helsinki
    8. “I Thought It Was Over” – The Feeling
    9. “Paparazzi” – Lady GaGa
    10. “Heartbeat” – Annie
    Looking at this list it’s so Commonwealth heavy. Also, Hercules & Love Affair is quite fantastic.Report

    • Avatar Will in reply to Kyle

      Heart it Races is a fantastic song.

      I don’t know any of the songs from Jamelle’s list except “So This Is Goodbye,” but my two favorite Junior Boys’ track have always been “In the Morning” and their “Sleep Tonight” remix.Report

  2. Avatar James

    I Believe is a classic.Report

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