Dear Internet World,



Freddie deBoer used to blog at, and may again someday. Now he blogs here.

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6 Responses

  1. Avatar Ryan says:

    I don’t know. That’s sort of like saying women shouldn’t have a say in abortion politics or that teachers shouldn’t have a say in how to improve education or that doctors shouldn’t be allowed to tell you what drugs to take. While I believe all of these things (to some extent), you probably don’t. Right?Report

    • Avatar Freddie says:

      Good point! All I mean to say is, people who use the Internet all the time, and particularly those who do so professionally, are only talking to each other on this issue. So there’s a lack of people without a vested interest in the issue.Report

  2. Avatar E.D. Kain says:

    I think it depends on how you use the internet, Freddie. And what you use it for.Report

  3. Avatar Jaybird says:

    If you spend your day looking for the latest emoticons, watching movies at “”, and forwarding 4megs of blond jokes to your relatives, the web is probably making you dumber.

    If, however, you spend your day arguing policy, researching policy, criticizing art, and listening to a Pandora station seeded with Catherine Wheel, the web probably is helping you slow your inevitable descent into senility.

    This would be like someone in the 70’s yelling at someone watching Firing Line and Uncle Milton on PBS that TV will rot their brain.

    There were probably people in 1100 BC yelling at their sons that they spend too much time with that damn clay and stylus and if you wants to do something that isn’t fooling around you should pick up a plow.Report