What should I do (with all of this fruit)?

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10 Responses

  1. Avatar Jaybird says:

    Blackberry wine!Report

  2. Avatar Sam M says:


    Add rum for Daquiri version.

    Always comes back to booze, no?Report

  3. Avatar shani-o says:

    Blackberry jam! My mom used to make that when we had bushes in the yard. Best jam ever.Report

  4. Avatar Charles Schirra says:

    Candy themReport

  5. Avatar Steven Donegal says:

    put them in a layer on a cookie sheet and freeze them. Put the frozen berries in freezer bags and have cobbler all winter.Report

  6. Double ditto on the jam. If you don’t want to go to the work of buying and sterilizing jars (which isn’t that overwhelming, really), you can just stick it in the fridge and it should keep for a month at least.Report

  7. Avatar North says:

    I must agree with the commentariat: preserve them. You can steralize jars simply by putting them in the oven for a few minutes. Making jelly or Jam is rediculously easy, essentially just a matter of adding sugar and slow stewing. Turning them into jelly entails merely straining out the pulp and adding coagulant. internet search yourself some recepies and do it. You’ll be singing your own praise all winter long for just a couple of hours of work and 20 bucks worth of materials.Report

  8. Avatar Jamelle says:

    So, I decided to forgo the jam and simply freeze them, to make cobbler at a later date. Thanks for the suggestions!Report

  9. Avatar Katherine says:

    If you’ve got a lot of spare time, I’d put in a vote for blackberry jam.Report