Daily Archive: August 7, 2009

not the Europe we had in mind

Matt Yglesias points us to this chart, which is depressing enough on its own: Then, both he and Kevin Drum, go on to point out that job losses are likely going to be long-term....

health care comparison

The Kaiser Family Foundation has a great tool to compare all the various health care proposals side by side, issue by issue.  Check it out.

quote for the early afternoon

“Let’s just say that this is no way for a civilized Republic to conduct its business.” ~ James Joyner on the “angry mobs” protesting Democratic Townhall meetings chanting such inanities as “Tyranny! Tyranny! Tyranny!

Is There Any Depth of Support for Wyden-Bennett?

TWO UPDATES, SEE BELOW: A common refrain I keep hearing for why Wyden-Bennett would have no chance of succeeding if it ever came to a vote is that even though it has bi-partisan co-sponsorship, the...

do unto others

Reuters takes the opposite approach from the AP or NewsCorp.  Good for them.  Writes Chris Aheam:

health care costs

What do we mean when we talk about the “rising costs of health care” in America?  It’s a very ambiguous term with a lot of different possible meanings.  We could mean the cost of...

Friday Genius Ten

One thing I’ve tried to do with regularity at my own digs is a “Friday Genius Ten.”  The idea is pretty straightforward: you choose one song from your iTunes and run the “Genius” program,...

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