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Chris Dierkes

Chris Dierkes (aka CJ Smith). 29 years old, happily married, adroit purveyor and voracious student of all kinds of information, theories, methods of inquiry, and forms of practice. Studying to be a priest in the Anglican Church in Canada. Main interests: military theory, diplomacy, foreign affairs, medieval history, religion & politics (esp. Islam and Christianity), and political grand bargains of all shapes and sizes.

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  1. Fancy Farm is a big deal in KY because it’s sort of a first-pass for any politicians and it’s the o-fficial start of the campaign season. This year it was more important than other years because our junior senator was pushed out of running for re-election next year. That leaves an opening and in a 40-60 senate that seat will be hotly contested. Everyone who has a name in KY is going to run. Ron Paul’s son, who lives in Bowling Green, announced he’s running yesterday.

    Chris, my stepmother was from Greasy Creek, KY. We love our weird names around here.Report