Daily Archive: August 5, 2009


it’s my privilege to welcome

Jamelle Bouie, of the United States of Jamerica fame, to the ranks as a member of the League of Ordinary Gentlemen.


thoughts on Wilkinson’s views on income inequality

Will Wilkinson has done yeoman’s work in his recent posts regarding income inequality, and in articulating some of my own dissatisfaction with certain liberal narratives regarding income inequality. A key graf: If we find...


saving the children, one banned book at a time

This sort of thing really pisses me off.  For more on the CPSIA and dangerous, lead-inked vintage children’s books, go here or here or here.  Then go buy up lots of used books at...


quote for the morning

“A combination of dumb drug laws, dysfunctional parole policies, “three strikes” laws passed by initiative, an endless procession of tougher-than-thou politicians, and a famously thuggish and politically powerful prison guards union has gotten California...


brief thoughts on cash for clunkers

Well, first of all I have a clunker.  A minivan to be precise.  It is rusty on the top, and though it drives fairly well in town, our mechanic recently warned us not to...