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Cassandra and Cynthia Yockey are making sense.


Sec. Hilldawg and Indispensable FP

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy This is Sec. Clinton on Meet the Press last week. The first 30 minutes or so is worth the watch as it...



I would just like to associate myself with every word of Von’s discussion of the necessary elements of any meaningful health care reform, the elements that are neither necessary nor fatal to health care...


On Gates/Crowley

~by jfxgillis One thing we learned yesterday….

Casualties of war.

Lee says this article, about soldiers who commit violent crimes after returning to the USA, is a must-read, and I have to agree. It’s sad and harrowing, hard to process but necessary. Please read...


So now what?

So, setting aside whether or not one supports the public option or other counter-proposals for a moment, and just looking at the healthcare reform measures taking place right now, the question becomes – if...



absolutely nails the lessons of the Gates affair here. I’ve tried to avoid speculating about the responding officer’s motives, and I think we can draw valuable lessons about the limits of police power from...


Assisted Euthanasia

Nancy Gibbs has penned a thoughtful piece on the question of assisted suicide (or euthanasia depending on your point of view) in the latest installment of Time. The story of Sir Edward [Downe]’s “death...



Politico’s look at the suprising political relevance of the ‘Obama Birther’ movement makes for a depressing read.


Second Thoughts

Over at First Thoughts, Joe Carter has one of the more measured, intelligent responses to the Gates arrest. You should read the whole thing, but the crux of his argument seems to be that...



Jon Krolik of the aptly-titled “Cavs: The Blog” has a fun entry (complete with visuals!) on the recent revelation that LeBron James did in fact smoke pot in high school. Which is weird, because...


Friday reading

The following is taken from Frédéric Bastiat’s What is Seen and What is Not Seen:


Garden State

I just stumbled across this old post from Reihan Salam’s new policy blog, wherein he offers a very Foucauldian take on whether we have a right to healthcare. Definitely worth a read.


A few more things on Gates

That last post on the now-infamous Gates arrest raised the room temperature quite a bit, so I thought I’d revisit a few salient points. First, here’s Slate on whether Gates’ conduct can plausibly be...


no shame

What von doesn’t realize is that Bill Kristol no longer has the capacity to become embarrassed.  The man has no shame, let alone intellectual honesty.  He represents the most cynical sort of politics out...


Lou Dobbs

takes a swan dive off the deep end in this latest installment of the Obama Birther craze.

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