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  1. E.D. Kain says:

    Had you done that, I bet he’d have turned on you and you’d see the same nonsense we see here at OG or people like Little Miss Attilla, Cynthia Yockey and Cassandra see.

    And don’t forget Dan Riehl, who sees all this pretty clearly, too.Report

  2. Jaybird says:

    Okay. *NOW* I understand what’s going on.

    There was a blogger for a while called “Ilyka Damen”. She was a feminist blogger who happened to have been conservative around 2002-2004/5ish. Exceptionally interesting writer.

    As the years passed, however, she experienced a great deal of betrayal on the part of (some of) the (not especially representative) dudes on the conservative part of the web (Jeff Goldstein, Mean Mr. Mustard, those kinda guys).

    She went from “of course America needs to take on the Taliban, it’s the feminist response” to being mocked as yet another chicky chick whenever she did the feminist thing with regards to, say,Westerners.

    When it was against the Taliban, she was bracingly honest and principled but when it was against stuff like, say, a peep video, she was yet another humorless feminist who, let’s face it, needs a (a lot of various things might have been put between these parentheses).

    She’s stopped blogging, I think.


  3. Dave says:

    People disagree with me? You’re all nihilists for suggesting it.

    BTW, I meant to write exercise IN futility.

    My bad. Ill edit it later.Report

  4. James says:

    Sorry, your circle jerk is now notching over some in-kink far to obscure for me. What the fuck is going on?Report

    • Mark Thompson in reply to James says:

      If you have the time, do as Dave says and follow the yellow brick road. If you don’t have the time (and frankly, most people shouldn’t….dude’s really not worth anyone’s time), then don’t worry much about it. I suspect this will be the last anyone here needs to see this subject come up.Report

  5. Dave says:

    Follow the yellow brick road on the links, especially Cynthia Yockey.Report

  6. James says:

    Summary: this guy linked to Erin the Newscaster I’d Never Heard of, or something similar, to whore out his largely unread blog: , these two femme bloggers got annoyed: , inventor of “Rule Five” R. McCain piles in: , rather like Frankenstein attempting to destroy his monster, then Dave the ordinary gentleman mops up:

    Cynthia was seemingly not involved but gives a rather more lengthy summary:


  7. Excuse my previous inattention. Now, however, the ignoring begins in earnest.Report