On Gates/Crowley

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  1. jfxgillis says:

    I should add that believe it or not, I don’t think Crowley lied to WEEI. I think that by the time a week had gone by without access to the transmissions or transcripts, his memory highlighted the way he’d hoped that the transmission would slow the responding units down, and had obscured or discarded the way it’s obvious the transmission sped things up.

    I think what he thought at the time was that he wanted the units to slow down, because the situation seemed controllable, but he wanted them to “Keep …. coming” because he already knew at that moment that he was going drag Gates out in handcuffs and he wanted to ensure an audience of sympathetic witnesses.Report

  2. Jon H says:

    ” and he wanted to ensure an audience of sympathetic witnesses.”

    Or an embarrassing spectacle of police cars out front, the better to make Gates look like a fool.Report

  3. Vic Morales says:

    Everybody concerned sees it as a chance to use it for their personal agenda., it doesn’t matter what that is. They are NOT concerned to find the truth, & that includes the President.Report