Daily Archive: July 22, 2009

Is Divided Government More Responsive?

I’m not sure how well Freddie and I addressed the central question of our discussion last night, to wit, how to overcome the institutional problems in our representative democracy.  But the discussion about health...

a quote for now and then

“All these eager young Republicans having a stab at post-modern irony, yet finding themselves immersed in a realm of irony that they seem unable to comprehend, let alone master. Still, bless their collegiate socks...

On Safety Nets

“By treating any and all social safety nets as irreversible steps on the Road to Serfdom, we allow liberals and progressives to shape those policies in ways that are inefficient, ineffective, and overbroad –...

Bush’s Third Term

James Joyner explains how the Obama administration’s foreign policy has remained pretty much in-line with Bush’s second term:

Quote of the Day

Dave Schuler, who’s been on the Wyden-Bennett train for a long while: There is an impasse in healthcare reform today caused by the immovable object of Republicans who won’t stand for anything but propping...

Oh the humanity…

Thanks to Scott and the, uhm, “Pinstripe Posse” our top search terms for the last couple days have been Anne Hathaway and Natalie Portman.  Sigh….


This one is Sullivan bait if anything ever was.

smashing ipods

Girls in bikinis, after the leap….